The FMCG brand and packaging design partner you’ve been missing.

Whether you’re launching a new FMCG brand, or breathing life into an old favourite, it requires a fresh, vibrant, considered approach that really speaks to your audience needs.

With the Spice Agency, you gain the expertise and award-winning success of a team with years of global agency brand strategy, creative and marketing experience – at a boutique Sydney agency, built on the level of service that people who manage brands have been desperately missing.

In other words, the people who look after your business are the same people who own ours. We’ll listen carefully to you, work closely with you and act swiftly for you to create packaging designs and brands that catch eyes, win hearts and get tills ringing.

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Who is the Spice Agency?

The Spice Agency opened in 2011, yet our senior designers, strategists and production team have been around much longer, working on some of the world's most recognisable brands in the FMCG category. Heading up this friendly, experienced team is Dimity and Scott. Having honed their talents individually at various agencies around the globe they believed it was time to offer FMCG clients not just a new brand agency, but a brand new type of agency. Different. Better. Pursuing their mantra that "life is too short for bland", the Spice Agency was born.

Why Spice?


Dimity McDonald

Founder and Managing Director

Dimity has more than 19 years experience in FMCG and Corporate Branding gained in Australia, Asia and Europe. During that time, she’s earned an enviable reputation for her ability to keep clients delighted by managing costs, solving big challenges, delivering results and boosting bottom lines. Through her various account management, group director and ‘on the Board’ roles, Dimity has gained expertise in all key areas of strategic financial, business and project planning. And then there’s her artistic flair. A qualified designer, Dimity is the perfect foil in a brand agency partnership. Her ability to assess solutions from both a creative and strategic perspective has proven invaluable whilst working with some of Australia’s top brands.


Scott Bremner

Creative Director

Scott has worked on projects for virtually every continent. He has been a professional designer for over 22 years and has worked in both the UK and Australia. Scott’s passion is creative strategy with a particular focus on packaging design where he has won many of the leading awards, DBA, Mobius and Pentawards yet his desire to crack the brief transcends all of these. In the past Scott has held senior director roles at Landor UK and Australia as well as WSdV and has worked over the last 4 years as a partner at Darling Brands in Sydney.

Think + Create + Activate = More ROI for you

With Spice you enjoy the time, cost and cohesive benefits of in-house expertise at every stage of the food and beverage brand process – from trend and category insight, brand strategy and full creative, through to launch and brand asset management. Each one carefully considered, created and executed to garner you the greatest possible ROI. Our three core services include:


  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Identity
  • Design


  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Production

Brand Activation

  • POS
  • Signage
  • Promotion
  • Trade Marketing

Branding – Consumer and corporate

Branding encompasses everything that your audience sees, hears, touches, tastes and thinks about your business or product. So you need to create a precise, consistent and distinctive brand message before everything else can slip into place.

While the final result of great creative work can bask in the glory of a successful campaign, it will only happen if  underpinned by a strong brand strategy and identity.

How we do it

At the Spice Agency, we have the experience and expertise to unearth the information and insights needed to develop a clear, focused approach that sets your brand apart and guides each decision, from concept to completion.

We’ll create a well-defined brand identity based on a deep understanding of your business, your product, your personality, your market, your audience and your competition. From naming and font to voice and aesthetics, we’ll give your brand the colour, depth and definition that engages hearts and minds. That’s when tills start ringing.


Packaging design – FMCG/food and beverage

Brand packaging is, arguably, our most celebrated area of expertise. For a design to succeed it needs to fulfil many roles beyond its initial purpose as a container for your product.

Brand packaging is your brand promise, in the flesh. It’s where shape, materials, construction and graphics combine to capture the eyes and mind of your target market, tell them the things they need to know and, ultimately, seduce them into action. All this, while every other package – on the shelves, TV, web, etc – tries to do the same.

How we do it

With so much to achieve, and so much at stake, the Spice Agency approach is to distil your core messages down into their simplest forms.

This takes a deep understanding of your brand positioning, category and consumer trends, and the triggers that can motivate purchase. In essence, the foundations that everything else is built on.

Then it’s about creating packaging that resonates with your audience, engages with who they are: their desires, needs or aspirations. It’s a challenge. One we love. And one you’ll love the results of.


Brand Activation – FMCG/food and beverage

Brand activation is traditionally seen as the blunt instrument in the brand marketer arsenal that’s used to gain attention, engagement, action. However, it’s also one of the most powerful and effective ways to enhance your brand.

How we do it

Here at Spice we view POS projects as opportunities to help customers not only understand what your product does and how they can find it, use it and buy it – but also what your brand stands for, and why you’re right for them.

A great concept is simple, concise, resonates with your core brand values – and builds audience desire to take action. Again and again. We’ll use our vast experience and knowledge of what really works to help you gain the best possible return from one of your most valuable assets.

Jim Beam


Campbell Arnott's




Canadian Club


Jim Beam

Jim Beam is a true, iconic global brand – but domestically in Australia research had shown there was a need to make more relevant to a younger target audience. Spice worked closely with the client to contemporise all the touchpoints of the brand, specifically the packaging portfolio, whilst still retaining the heritage and authenticity. The design results  deliver premium with a contemporary edge – the first extensive design update in ten years.


Campbell Arnott’s

The Spice Agency has undertaken a number of corporate branding projects for Campbell Arnott’s. These have included a corporate video for the CEO, Logo design and development through to interactive intranet web brochures.



Spice was appointed to take an existing brand with minimal taste appeal and tired branding to another level. Spice created a fresh, contemporary brandmark, approachable packaging and appealing food photography.


Canadian Club

To capitalise on Canadian Clubs current growth and popularity a new range was developed to widen its appeal: targeting a slightly older drinker who desires a real step-up in quality and appreciates the hand crafted nature of the spirit’s provenance. The new range launches in cans and bottles.

Our clients speak for themselves:

Our team have been working with the Spice Agency over a number of years - during which time they’ve consistently proven themselves with pro-active brand involvement, great creative and the kind of service that makes you look forward to working with them. When they established their own agency we felt that it was in our company’s best interests to appoint them as design guardians for our complete brand portfolio. Can’t recommend them enough.

James Sykes Marketing Director Beam Global Australia


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WWheels News

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CC Spices things up

CC Spiced News2

Just launched this month is Canadian Club’s new entry into the premium end of the spiced whisky market. With an updated CC crest, Spice Agency have designed a sumptuous flavour band, rich in detail but bold enough to communicate easily on the spirit shelf.

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